Available Rods

Here are the rods I have ready to ship…If you want one, send me an email and I’ll give you my PayPal information and get the rod out to you the next day (if not sooner).

Got a couple weeks?…If you see a rod anywhere on the site but it’s not listed for sale, let me know; most any one of these can be ordered, whether or not it’s currently listed as available. Simply contact me and let me know which rod catches your eye (or if you’d prefer the one that catches your eye in a different length and/or weight), and I’ll let you know if it’s available and about how long it would take to finish.

Livingston Rod Company 9′ 3wt 4pc YS Glass- $415.00 (inc. shipping)

Livingston Rod Company’s YS Glass is a thing of beauty as a casting tool…It’ll drop a dry on a dime from 40 ft with the delicacy of a wisp of cotton hitting the water. This one is dressed with a Classic Struble nickel silver D27 over a brilliant vermilion insert under a hybrid Ritz/torpedo grip turned from flor cork direct from Portugal. A Struble red agatine stripping guide leads off followed by a succession of Snake Universals wrapped in cherry red silk, ferrules done in black silk with red and copper accents…Comes with aluminum tube and sock (if I get one in time)…Email me with questions or to purchase.


 “You made a Morgan glass 4 wt 2 piece for me a few months back; I have more rods than I need … graphite , glass and bamboo … I can easily say that the one you built for me totally stands out way above the rest … It is the best built rod
I own … You did a fabulous job … Thank you !!!

Shopkeeper-Built TMR Owner

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths: The name says it all. For those who want to fish with the absolute finest glass rod from taper to legend, there is nothing else like it. Snake dark nickel guides under cardinal gossamer silk with copper and red trim and alignment marks, Snake downlocking dark nickel seat, and a dark nickel Struble agate guide tops it off…No sock/ No tube (unless I happen to get one soon)…Email me with questions or to purchase.


Tom Morgan Rodsmiths: The name says it all. For those who want to fish with the absolute finest glass rod from taper to legend, there is nothing else like it. This one is finished with tapered cigar grip atop a walnut insert with downlocking Lemke hardware. Universal Snake Guides are wrapped in Pearsall’s cardinal silk and tipped with copper wire; wire alignment marks are located at ferrule wraps. Finally, a Struble Red agateen stripper guide ties it all together. Comes with tube (and possibly a sock if I get one in time)

Epic Olive 8′ 5wt-[SOLD] $425

Epic 580 in Lt. Olive… Bright Nickel Snake Universals wrapped in Granger Green silk with blue/green inlays at ferrules and butt section…Jadewood and nickel/smoke uplocking reel seat with contrasting colors…Comes with tube and sock. This is the last pre-price hike blank I have from Epic; new ones will cost more…

CTS Quartz Glass 8′ 4wt-[Sold] $435

CTS Quartz Glass 8′ 4wt with Tube & Sock…CTS glass has to be experienced, no other way to put it…This one is just in time for St. Paddy’s Day with lime green silk over Universal guides, black silk on the pretties with greens trim, anchored by a seat with Bellinger nickel silver downlocking over dyed green insert, and green agate stripper guide for an Irish cherry on top…Guess I got a little excited about March…

Livingston Rod Co. 7′ 3wt- Sold

LRC 7′ 3wt. E-Glass…Livingston Rod is making some of the finest fly rods available…I own a s-glass for small streams and love it. This is e-glass; it’s old school, designed for small water in tight places it’ll make a 7-inch brook trout seem like a tarpon…Striaght flor grip with downlocking buckeye burl & nickel silver slideband reel seat and light wire snake guides wrapped in blue silk with blue and silver trim in honor of Great Northern Railroad’s final “Big Sky Blue” color scheme…Shipping included/No Tube/No sock